Born in France in 1994
Lives and works in Brussels - CV


Yvan Rochette is a multi-disciplinary artist who creates immersive installations, sculptures, sound and video performances in connection with a research on materials. Hatched in a multicultural context between Africa and Europe, his artistic practice is inspired by these two cultures, and has several lines of reflections that intersect to guide his research.
Starting from the observation of materials and the study of their structural complexities, the artist seeks to explore the potential of their evolution to define their contours, generate contexts and environments that modify them to transform them.
The artist also enquires into the processes of manufacturing and manipulation of certain materials in broader contexts. Whether in relation to our societies or to past civilizations, the techniques associated with the production, transformation, storage and conservation of certain materials feed his work.
Conceptually, his work is also nourished by questioning the intrinsic values attributed to materials. In the properties we give them, the sensations they give us, and the social relationships that are linked to their uses. Approaching a variety of notions such as craftsmanship, rituals, food production, the transmission of know-how, the social relationships involved in certain practices, he opens several doors allowing him to explore other perspectives underpinning the material.


2018-2019 - Master Art option
HEAR - Mulhouse - Diplôme National Supérieur d’Expression Plastique (DNSEP)
2014-2017 - Bachelor Art option
HEAR - Mulhouse - Diplôme National D’Arts Plastiques (DNAP)


2021-2022 - Residency at FIRM ART-LAB


2022 - FIRM ART-LAB - "et à des hommes, on en a fait des cochons" - Brussels - Belgium
2021 - Galerie für Gegenwartskunst - E-Werk - "Betwen war and sea / Material worlds" - Freiburg - Germany
2019 - Arts décoratifs - "Exposition des diplômés" - Strasbourg - France
2019 - Historical museum - "On s'infiltre" - Strasbourg - France
2019 - Kunsthalle - "Oasis" - Mulhouse - France
2018 - Kunsthalle - "Followers" - Mulhouse - France
2017 - Motoco - "I am a Curator" - Mulhouse - France
2017 - SHADOK - « Vide partagé » - Strasbourg - France
2017 - CEAAC - « Echo du lieu 2 » - Strasbourg - France
2016 - Fondation François Schneider - « Plongeons » - Wattwiller - France


2016 - Diversion "Plongeon" Fondation François Schneider - Wattwiller